We kindly invite  to be Partner (speaker and/or exhibitor)  on our:


off2018-0a-wwwCorrugated Packagings+flexo  (CorrPack+flexo ) which will be organized  in:

21-22.5. 2018 in hotel Bulwar in Toruń.

Seminar consists of:

Conference with neutral and commercial presentations and

– Mini-exhibition with tabletops

Working agenda of CorrPack+flexo:

  1. Production of corrugated board, designing of corrugated board boxes; examination of an endurance of a corrugated board boxes
  2. Prepress: colour management, printing forms and mounting equipment and materials   Press: flexographic printing presses, issues concerning flexographic printing process and its  control; anilox rollers and inking systems; inks; troubleshooting  Converting: slotting, die-cutting, gluing, forming of corrugated board boxes
  3. Print buyers’s perspective on production of corrugated boxes
  4. Other printing technics.
 Propositions of presentations:
1.   Tendencies of development for a sector of corrugated board (cb) packagings

2.   Desiging of constuctions of cb packagings

3.   Process (CMYK) printing and control of grey balance

4.   Colour management in HQ printing on cb

5.   Influence of printing conditions on retention of ΔE particularly for wide  formats/sheets of cb

6.   „Washboarding” effect in printing process

7.   Influence of atmospheric conditions on printing characteristic of cb

8.   Faults in cb printing / converting – troubleshooting

9.   Optimization of converting processes (slotting, diecuting, …) for cb boxes

10. Perspective of cb Flexo-converter (printing house): Control over flexographic

printing and converting process in production of cb packagings

11. Digital printing in postprint – current status and perspectives

12. Cb packagings – food contact safety, hygiene of products

submission of a paper/presentation  +  its synopsis/outline  +  cv (profesional profile) of Speaker delivery of a paper
15.2.2018 4.5.2018

Entry Form  containing detailed conditions of participation at CorrPack+flexo2018 is available upon request.

A deadline for submitting Entries: 15.2.2018