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No. Title of presentation Company Speaker


9.30-10.50 hrs   Registration   (coffee, tea)
 10.50 Welcome  
1.   Cleaning of flexographic printing units and anilox rollers in presses working on water-based inks
Barmey Wojciech Barabasz
2. Solutions for corrugated print production – CartonStar
Isra Vision Herwig Lutz-200Herwig Lutz
3.  From design to palette – how to optimize packaging
Scorpio Lidia Staszewska
 Visiting miniexhibition+ coffee break
4.  The way to flat corrugated board
Mondi Containerboard marek motyl.200Marek Motylewski
 5. Standardization and optimization of production on cardboard in relation to printing technology
Color Management Consulting  Małgorzata Szczotka 
6.  Presentation of the report “Packaging revolution. Polish packaging producers in the face of changes in regulations and consumer preferences Santander Bank Polska Kamil Mikołajczyk
7. Core* curriculum for corrugated board**
(Employment and vocational education)
*basic **in a vocational college
Polska Izba Fleksografów Krzysztof Januszewski
8. Panel:
Human capital (education / employment / good practices) in the corrugated board converting industry 
Drukarnia Orpak Moderator
Marek Chojnacki

od 17.00 do 18.00  visiting  of Afrykarium (to be confirmed)

od 18.00  Social event in restaurant  Letnia  


9. How long will we be immune/resistant to the global slowdown? Santander Bank Polska p.bielski200Piotr Bielski
10.   Double-sided print in e-commerce packaging BW Papersystems Filip Boruszak 200Filip Boruszak
11.  The corrugated board packaging market in Poland Schumacher Packaging
Jacek Hildebrandt
 Visiting miniexhibition+ coffee break   
12.  Packaging for e-commerce – from the kitchen.
Aspects of machinery solutions for application of ribbons for packaging for e-commerce
  Versor   Engineering
Tadeusz Figurski
13. Solutions for the production of corrugated board packaging “made in Bydgoszcz”
14.  High sensitive tool for successful printing results
PrimeBlade Sweden Johan LiljaJohan Lilja
15.  To be confirmed*
*) PIF reserves the right to make alterations in the program including adding new presentations 
Types of presentations: neutral/technological · commercial.  Official language of Seminar is the Polish
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 Venue:  Haston City Hotel **** 51-117 Wrocław ul. Irysowa 1-3


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