A. Partner of Forum:

1. Company may participate at Forum as Partner : speaker on conference  and/or exhibitor on mini-exhibition.

2. Participation at Forum requires a submission of an Entry Form for official registration.

3. Partner of Forum may choose 3 options :
a) technical/neutral presentation (gratis) – definition,
b) commercial presentation – definition,
c) tabletop only.
Applicable fees are available upon request.

4. After a registration a Partner’s logo is added to:

a) a group of Forum‘s Partners  in information about Forum published on www.flekso.pl,
b) a program of Forum in pdf (downloaded on www.flekso.pl)  dedicated for potential attendees,
c) printed programs of Forum available during  Forum in 14-15.9.2020 for all attendees (delagates),
d) contents of 2 roll-ups about Forum placed in:  a conference hall and a mini-exhibition hall,
e) a welcome slide displayed for attendees during inauguration of Forum,
f) a report about proceedings of  Forum along with linking to the Partner‘s website for a period of  min.3 months.

5. Partner of Forum receives a standard tabletop of: 1,75 m (width) x 1,50 m (depth)   with 1 table+2 chairs+tablet with a name of Partner.

6. Partner has no right to share his tabletop with any other company without the prior agreement with PLFTA.
7. All Entry Forms require a further written confirmation by PLFTA.

B. Presentation /lecture of Partner during a Conference on  Forum includes (fees are applicable for  commercial presentations ):
1. Translation of a presentation (delivered in a powerpoint format) from English or German into the Polish language + conversion of the translation into the Polish powerpoint version. Presentation should be delivered by 31.8.2020!
2. Preparation of  CD/pendrives with the Polish version of the presentation + other ones for the delegates on the Forum.
3. The right for Speaker to participate free of charge at conference proceedings+tabletop upon request.