Z DUE was born as a stamp factory but soon began to devote itself to the creation of plates for printing on corrugated cardboard. From the die-cast photopolymer, Z DUE passes to the resin (liquid) photopolymer, acquiring the largest size on the market. Currently there are only two left in the world, ours is one of these.

Z DUE grows up in numbers and staff. New graphic workstations, new production units and new mounting machines. Z DUE begins to take the path of the high quality print, with clear and precise objectives that will be realized in the new millennium.

Z DUE chooses the digital and revolutionises the plates production method. The company grows year by year, boasting today more than 20 graphics stations, 5 lasers, 3 exposure units, 3 photopolymer processing lines and 6 mounting machines. Z DUE is confirmed as the largest Italian company producing flexo clichés.

Tel. (+ 39) 059.957711

Via Farini 32
41013 Castelfranco Emilia (Modena)